1 class passenger seat (801.165.021)

 Завод "Агрегат"1 class passenger seat (801.165.021) is designed in cooperation with FISA, an Italian company and the partner of Agregat LLC. It is suitable for installation in shuttle and regional trains.  

Пассажирское кресло 1 класса          Пассажирское кресло 1 класса
Пассажирское кресло 1 класса  

 Завод "Агрегат"These seats are supplied for different types of passenger coaches as following: single-seated or double-seated unit. 
 Завод "Агрегат"Seat construction foresees back deflection up to 4 degrees with simultaneous extension of the seat forward up to 48 mm. Passenger can select the most comfortable backrest position.  
 Завод "Агрегат"To provide the top-quality comfort to passengers the 1 class seat has series of options including:

  • folding armrests providing comfortable passenger loading and exit 
  • passage sideways handles
  • step boards
  • folding tables.


Пассажирское кресло 1 классаПассажирское кресло 1 класса

 Завод "Агрегат"Ergonomic seat and backrest forms are designed taking into consideration anatomic features of the body to provide comfortable passenger accommodation in long journeys. 
 Завод "Агрегат"When producing seats we use only materials with all necessary fire security certificates and protocols of sanitary and healthcare inspections. 
 Завод "Агрегат"Seat cover can be produced of various materials and in any color as per the client’s request.

 Завод "Агрегат"Seats meat requirements of safety regulations NB ZhT TsL 111-2003 «Passenger coaches and multiple units. Passenger seat. Safety regulations». There are all necessary certificates and utilization authorization documents. 

 Specifications of the 1 class passenger seat  
Parameter name 

1Height of the supporting surface of the seat from the supporting surface for feet without load, mm 
    - of single-seated  unit  
    - of double-seated unit  




Width of the seat, mm 



Depth of the seat, mm   



Distance between inner edges of the armrest, mm  



Backrest deflection against the supporting surface of the seat, º  



Width, mm 
    - of single-seated  unit  
    - of double-seated unit   




Weight, kg 
    - of single-seated  unit  
    - of double-seated unit  



 Завод "Агрегат"КSeats are produced in O design defined in the standard GOST 15150 and are optimized for utilization under the ambient air temperature from + 50°С to - 60°С, relative air humidity up to 80% at the temperature +27°С.

Dimensional specifications
Пассажирское кресло 1 класса