Driver seat «Piccolo» (801.222.000.000-04)

Driver seat «PICCOLO» (801.222.000.000-04) is designed in cooperation with FISA, an Italian company and the partner of Agregat LLC. It is designed and customized for installation both in locomotives and multiple units.

Кресло машиниста PICCOLO Кресло машиниста PICCOLO Кресло машиниста PICCOLO
Distinguishing feature of this seat is that it is purposely designed for installation in cabins of legacy and unmodified locomotives of VL10, VL11, VL80, 2TE10, 2T116 series and their modifications. This model has reduced dimensional specifications. Seat construction foresees its partial disassembly to install in the control cabin in confined spaces.
Seat construction foresees its partial disassembly to install in the control cabin in confined spaces.
To minimize the adverse effect of vibrations the seat construction foresees a vibration damping mechanism produced by FISA providing observance of vibration characteristics specified in safety regulations NB ZhT TsT-TsP 053-2001 in the whole range of working frequencies from 1 to 80Hz.

Кресло машиниста PICCOLO Кресло машиниста PICCOLO
Ergonomically designed seat provides maximum comfort for the locomotive driver. Its main technical characteristics are:
  • height adjustment
Регулировка высоты кресла машиниста PICCOLO 
  • 360⁰ rotation
Поворот кресла машиниста вокруг вертикальной оси 
  • for-and aft adjustment
Горизонтальное перемещение сиденья относительно подвески 
  • backrest deflection
Наклон спинки кресла машиниста

  • adjustable armrests
Откидные подлокотники кресла машиниста с фиксацией в поднятом положении 
  • folding armrests with width fixation in two positions with distance between inner edges 460 and 500mm
Регулировка подлокотников кресла машиниста по ширине 
  • adjustable suspension according to the weight of the locomotive driver
Регулировка жесткости подвески кресла машиниста 
  • adjustable headrest (can be easily removed)
Регулировка положения заголовника кресла машиниста

Seat and backrest cushions are ergonomically designed taking into account anatomic features of human body and provide maximum comfort  for the driver during its.
All materials used for seat covers meet the railway industry’s safety and quality requirements/ Our products have all necessary fire and sanitary certificates.
Seat cover can be produced of various materials (fabric, vinyl artificial leather) and in any color as per the client’s request.

«PICCOLO» technical specifications 


1Horizontal displacement towards suspension, mm 

150 ± 3 in increments of 15 


Height of the seat in the lowest position, mm 

440 ± 10


Vertical displacement , mm 

100 ± 2


Rotation, °



Backrest horizontal displacement, °

from 95 to 115 in increments of 2 


Suspension ruggedness adjustment depending on the motorman’s weight, kg 

from 50 to 130 


Dimensions, mm: 
- height (with headrest) 

            560 (600 with expanded armrests



Weight of the seat, kg, not more 



Operational conditions: 
temperature range, 
- humidity, %

from -50 to +45
to 98

Dimensional specifications of the driver seat 

Кресло машиниста «PICCOLO