Offer of services

АгрегатAgregat LLC renders development and production services of different seats at the customer's request including for special-purpose machines of various applications and of non-standard equipment at the production facility.  

Agregat LLC renders the following services:

1. Design and production of different seats at the Customer's request:
• aviation seats 
• railway sets 
• automobile seats 
• water transport seats 
• water transport seats 
• seats for conference rooms, cinemas, theatres, armchairs, sofas, seats for waiting rooms and etc.

2. Production of seat individual elements, spare parts.

3. Slip fabrication of fabric and leather. 

4. Casting of soft elements of polyurethane foam. 

5. Machine processing of parts: 

• die pressing up to 160 t 
• CNC turning and milling machine processing 
• boring, grinding.

6. Manual and semi-automatic parts welding of steel, aluminum and stainless alloys. 

7. Painting with liquid and powdery enamel. 

8. Strength (static) and climatic tests of products. 

All works are carried out by well-qualified personnel on up-to-date equipment using wealth of experience in aviation products output.